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低烟无()卤阻燃、耐火电线电缆  Low-smoke no(low)-halogen flame retardatory  fire resistance wire & cable  1 产品使用场所的分级及选用  Grade and choose for the using location  1.1 低烟无()卤使用场所应根据建筑物的使用特性、火灾危险性、疏散和扑救难度等分为特级、一级、二级、三级,并符合表1-1规定。  Low-smoke free/low-halogen types divides into four kinds, special class, first class,  second class, third class according to the using property, fire damage and evacuation & extinguishment difficulty.

销往:北京、上海、天津、重庆  河北、山西、陕西、山东、河南、辽宁、吉林、黑龙江、江苏、 浙江、安徽、江西、福建、湖北、湖南、四川、贵州、云南、广东、海南、甘肃、青海、内蒙古、新疆、西藏、广西、宁夏

Meanwhile, it also complies with the requirement of Table 1-1. 1-1  Table 1-1  等级 Grade 使用场所 Using place  特级 Special class  建筑高度超过100m的高层民用建筑(超高层住宅除外)  The high-rise residential building with structural height exceeded 100mexcept super high-rise uptown  建筑高度超过100m的高层住宅  The high-rise residence with structural height under 100m  一级 First class  建筑高度不超过100m的高层民用建筑 The high-rise civil building with height  under 100m  一类建筑(一类建筑的住宅除外) First type buildingexcept the residential zone  建筑高度不超过24m的民用建筑和建筑高度超过24m的单层公共建筑 The civil building with height under 24m and single-floor public building with height  under 24m  1.200床及以上的病房楼,每层建筑面积1000m2及以上的门诊楼;  sickroom building with 200-bed or above, clinic building with each structural  area floor of 1000m2 or above;  2.每层建筑面积3000m2以上的百货楼、展览楼、高级旅馆、财贸金融楼、电信楼、高级办公楼;  shopping building, exhibition building, senior ho, financial building, communication building,  senior office building with each structural area floor of 1000m2 or above; 3.藏书超过100万册的图书馆、书库; library with more than 1 million books; 4.超过3000座位的体育馆;  gymnasium with more than 3000 seats; 5.重要的科研楼、资料档案楼;  important research building or archives building;  6.市级的邮政楼、广播电视楼、电力调度楼、防灾指挥调度楼、车站旅客候车室、民用机场候机室;  civic post building, broadcast & TV building, electrical power control center, commanding & controlling building for guard against blast, station waiting room, and civil airfield waiting room; 7.重点文物保护场所; emphases cultural relic;  8.大型以下的影剧院、会堂、礼堂;  large-sized cinema, showplace, auditorium and hall; 9.建筑面积在2000m2及以上公共娱乐场所。  public entertainment place with structural area more than 200m2. 地下民用建筑 Underground civil  building  1.地下铁道及地下铁道车站; subway and its station; 2.地下影剧院、礼堂;  underground cinema and hall;  3.使用面积超过1000m2的地下商场、医院、旅馆、展览厅及其他商业后公共活动场所; underground shop, hospital, ho, exhibition hall and other commercial or public place with using area more than 1000m2;  4.重要的实验室和图书、资料、档案库。 important lab, library, and muniment room  续表1-1  Extend table 1-1  等级 Grade  使用场所 Using place  二级 Second class  建筑高度不超过100m的高层民用建筑 The civil building with structural area not more  than 100m  一类建筑的住宅  residence of the first type building 二类建筑(二类建筑的住宅除外) second type building (except the residence)  建筑高度不超过24m 民用建筑 The civil building with structural area not more  than 24m  1.每层建筑面积超过2000m2但不超过3000m2的商业楼、财贸金融楼、电信楼、展览楼、旅馆、办公室、车站、海河客运站、航空港等公共建筑及其他商业或公共活动场所;  business building, fincial building, communication building, exhibition building, ho, office building, station, ocean/rive shipping station, airport and other commercial or public place with  each floor structural area from 2000m2 to3000m2;  2.区县级的邮政楼、广播电视楼、电力调度楼、防灾指挥调度楼;  post building, broadcast & TV building, electrical power control center, commanding & controlling building for guard against blast in district or county; 3.中型以下的影剧院;  under medium-sized cinema and showplace; 4.图书馆、书库、档案楼; lab, library, and muniment room;  5.建筑面积在200m2以下的公共娱乐场所。  public entertainment place with structural area under 200m2 地下民用建筑 Underground civil  building

1.长度超过500m的城市隧道;  tunnel with length more than 500m;  2.使用面积不超过1000m2的地下商场、医院、旅馆、展览厅及其他商业或公共活动场所。 underground shop, hospital, ho, exhibition hall and other commercial or public place with using area not more than 2000m2.  三级 Third class  不属于特级、一级、二级的其他民用建筑  The other civil building that not belong to special, first and second class  1.2 低烟无()卤电线电缆成束敷设时,应采用阻燃电线电缆,阻燃级别选择应符合表 1-21-3,在外部火势作用下,需保持线路完整性、维持通电的场所,其线路应采用耐火电线电缆。  When they are laying in colligation, the low-smoke free/low-halogen wires and cables  should be flame-retardancy types whose grades comply with Table 1-2 and Table 1-3. If the location needs integrated lines and constant electricity under the outside fire, they should be fire resistance types.  电线的阻燃级别选择  Table 1-2 the grade choice to the flame-retardancy property of electrical wires  试用场所 Applicable place  电线截面 Section area 阻燃级别 Flame-retardancy grade  特级 Special class  50mm2及以上 50mm2 and above B B class 35mm2及以下 35mm2 and below C C class 一级 First class 50mm2及以上  50mm2 and above  C C class 所有截面 All area D D class 二级、三级 Second classThird class  所有截面 All area  D D class  1-3 电缆的阻燃级别选择  Table 1-3 the grade choice to the flame-retardancy property of cables  适用场所 Applicable place  阻燃级别 Flame-retardancy grade  特级 Special class  A A class 一级 First class B B class 二级、三级 Second classThird class  C C class  2. 2 产品技术性能  Technical property  2.1 电线电缆导体正常运行时的zui高温度及短路时(zui长持续时间不超过5s)zui高温度:  The maximum temperature of the normal operating cable conductor or short circuit (should not persist for 5 seconds):  交联聚乙烯绝缘为90,热塑性低烟无卤聚烯烃绝缘为80,短路时zui高温度不 超过250  90 for XLPE insulated type, 80 for thermoplastic low-smoke low-halogen polyolefin insulated type, and not more than 250 as short circuit; 辐照交联型聚乙烯绝缘为105,短路时zui高温度不超过250  105 for irradiated cross-linked PE insulated type, and not more than 250 as short  circuit.  2 低烟无()卤电缆的安装条件及允许连续载流量均与相应非低烟无()卤型号规格电缆电线相同。  The installation conditions and allowable constant carrying capacity of the low-smoke free/low-halogen cables are as same as the corresponding non-free/low-halogen ones.   2.3 电缆电线在燃烧时具有低烟、无卤、阻燃和耐火性能,具体指标如表1-4  The cables have the properties of low smoke, free halogen, flame retardancy and fire resistance. The detail sees Table 1-4.  1-4  Table 1-4  序号 Sequence number  试验项目 Testing item  标准要求 Standard requirement   1  电线电缆单根垂直燃烧试验  Single vertical combustion testing for wires and cables  ——上支架下缘与炭化部分起点间距离  The distance from the skirt lf upper bracket to charcoal part  ——燃烧向下延伸至上支架下缘距离  The distance from combustion prolongation to the skirt of upper bracket  50mm 540mm 2  电缆成束燃烧试验——炭化部分所达高度  Cable colligated combustion testing——the height of charcoal part  2.5m 3  耐火试验  Fire resistance testing  燃烧试验期间,施加额定电 压,2A熔丝不熔断 As testing, bear rated voltage and the 2A fuse will not be  melted  4 PH  PH value 4.3 5 电导率  Conductance  10μs/mm 6  电缆烟密度试验——zui小透光率  Smoke density testing——minimum light-pass rate  60%

销往:北京、上海、天津、重庆  河北、山西、陕西、山东、河南、辽宁、吉林、黑龙江、江苏、 浙江、安徽、江西、福建、湖北、湖南、四川、贵州、云南、广东、海南、甘肃、青海、内蒙古、新疆、西藏、广西、宁夏






安徽销往:北京、上海、天津、重庆  河北、山西、陕西、山东、河南、辽宁、吉林、黑龙江、江苏、 浙江、安徽、江西、福建、湖北、湖南、四川、贵州、云南、广东、海南、甘肃、青海、内蒙古、新疆、西藏、广西、宁夏



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